Sunday, September 30, 2007

Toronto Nuit Blanche 2007

Anyone seeking an art fix in Toronto was well-rewarded last night. The Nuit Blanche was awash in great local art. Granted, the sidewalks were jam-packed and hard to navigate; but they were well worth navigating and I found myself surprisingly placid in the face of the young urban multitude. I would have been disappointed if there was no one else in the galleries.

In the end, I think we saw about half of the exhibits and wound up exhausted at a bar around 2 am. Instead of one long post about the art, crowds, booze, and merriment, I think I'm going to post in the future about many of the Toronto artists that we saw. There is a lot of creative energy in the city to be sure, and perhaps its better to experience in small spurts. I felt a bit of a sugar rush last night.

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