Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jew-ish NeoNazis in Israel

So.... Some former Soviet guys immigrated to Israel. Then they formed a neo-nazi gang and started stomping jews, foreigners, gays, and others. Now several of them have been arrested.

You pretty much have to be able to claim Jewish ancestry to immigrate to Israel, by the way.


Rufus said...

It's such a strange story. Either they're gentiles who went there looking for trouble, or they really do fit the stereotype of the self-hating Jew, or they just happen to have the worst travel agent in the world. I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.

Holly said...

It kinda seems like some nihilism, combined with a distanced sort of disbelief about that whole holocaust thing, which to a former Soviet state resident might seem kind of remote and, well... undramatic. The Russians are among the few consolidated groups of folks on this planet who are entitled to the idea that Hitler's holocaust actually wasn't the worst they've seen.

Online One State Bibliography Project said...

I think it is funny how the media and government is acting like this is some utterly unique singular event. Remember a few years ago when the "White Israeli Union" neo-Nazi group had its website taken down? With all the video of the neo-Nazis - giving the Hitler salute in their full IDF uniforms - talking about how to kill the Arabs for practice and how not to act like a "zhid" (Jew, in Russian)? Or then there were the skinhead gangs stormtrooping through Tel Aviv a few years ago too. Anyone who follows the "The Israeli Information and Assistance Center for the Victims of Anti-Semitism" ( ) which monitors neo-Nazis in Israel regularly knows this most recent event isn't particularly unique. The problem is that the government and police "turn a blind eye" to Israeli neo-Nazis which gives them freedom to expand. Rest assured this cell isn't all of them.

Here we have another aspect of Israel's demographic crisis. In the rush to import olim whose only real criteria is they are not Arab or Muslim it can't come as any surprise that that managed to import traditional Russian anti-Semites too. Most of these kids are Russians who were brought to Israel by their parents against their will, they don't want to be Israeli and never did. HOWEVER, in the end, if Israel had not imported the million plus Russians - many, or even most, of them non-Jewish - then the non-Arab population between the river and the sea would already be a definite minority to the Arab population. There just aren't enough legitimate Jews to maintain the current "Greater Israel," thus the floods of non-Jewish olim, the mass conversions of Ethiopians, Indians, and Peruvian Indians, and so on. These measures - the desperation for any non-Arab/Muslim immigrants - undermines the "Jewish character" of Israel just as surely as any compromise with the native Palestinians would.

Rufus said...

Well, 'tis the damnedest thing I've ever heard of anyway.