Monday, September 17, 2007

The Lomme Bed

J.G. Ballard once pointed out that, considering how much of our psychic life is focused on beds, their design is surprisingly unimaginative. Take away the space-age mattresses and you're left with the same old basic platform that has existed for centuries now. Personally, I believe that our best scientists should be working around-the-clock on beds, and perhaps in beds. Thankfully, Lomme, the creators of the Lomme Bed, are working in the right direction. This egg-shaped lit de l'avenir comes with a muscle-relaxing system, top-flight mattress, integrated light therapy, and an I-Pod to count sheep to. The Lomme Bed is so high tech, in fact, that one feels guilty making the inevitable Mork from Ork jokes.


Holly said...

Except for being very.... womb-esque... how is this different from a well-designed bedroom (closet)? Except the bedroom probably costs less.

Rufus said...

I guess the muscle relaxing system and the light therapy are the only real additions. But I just see it as a first step. Ultimately, I'd like something akin to the beds in Alien, or a kangaroo's pouch.