Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yay Claire!

Also, now that I'm ABDish, I should note that, for all of the work that I did to get through the first three years, it really wouldn't have been possible without Claire. It's funny- when you work on a PhD, you get a lot of totally unnecessary praise from people. It's very tedious work and not particularly brilliant, but ''civilians'' are shocked to hear that I actually read a book every day! Or that I actually took these written and oral exams! But it's really not that exciting- really, it's pretty much the same daily grind as anyone has.

Now try being married to some neurotic, stressed-out, book-bound grad student for three years! Not only that, but Claire finished her Master's degree this spring. So she's pretty amazing all around, and the disadvantage of living with an amazing woman is that you sometimes forget to mention it. But, nevertheless, she should also get congrats for having put up with my stress and distance these last months. It's really harder than sitting in a library reading books all day.

I'd also like to thank the academy.

Lastly, Lola has been an exemplary cat.


Holly said...

Yay Claire, indeed! As the spouse of a freshly-minted PhD, I feel empathetic in a big way.

Rufus said...

I can imagine. As the old song says, war is hell on the homefront too.