Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hello, Kitty- Goodbye, Dignity

I don't know how Emily Rems finds this stuff. But, the question now is- Do I want to spend the equivalent of 160 dollars American in order to torment the cat by dressing her up as Hello Kitty? Honestly? Yeah, kind of.


Zack said...

It's only funny because cats have an innate sense of dignity. To remove it from them is to drag them to our level.

gregvw said...

Hey Zack, welcome aboard.

It seems that the http://www.who-sucks.com site has a lot of good stuff on it.

Holly said...

Unless Lola is a Scottish Fold, I suspect the outfit won't go over well at all. Pointy-eared cats don't have the incentive to cover up their creepy crumple-ears.

Hiromi said...

That cat looks pissed.

Rufus said...

Zach- this is true. For us, it's also like poking fun at the boss. The cat rules us with an iron fist.

greg- I will wait until I have a good amount of time to look at that site. As it is now, I'm already addicted to the oddities of YouTube.

Holly- It will only work if we can convince her that it makes her look lik a lion.

Hiromi- That picture was the last one ever taken by the poor cat-owner. Seconds later, she was dead at the bottom of the stairs.