Monday, September 10, 2007


Here's a link to the Kubista Gallerie in Prague. What's interesting about Czech cubism is that there it was an architectural style as well. There are a number of Czech buildings in the cubist style, many of which can be seen here. You'll notice at the Kubista gallery that are also household items made in a cubist style, and to the left is a cubist lamp post in Prague. I'll post a picture of the cubist candleholder that Claire's parents bought us when I get a chance. All of this is fairly unique to Czech art- in most countries, cubism was more of a movement in painting than architecture.


Holly said...

Blogger won't let me resize this, if I put it, and it's kind of big, so I'm just putting a link to the picture I wanted to show

Boccioni's Development of a Bottle in Space... technically the Italian Futurists were, well, Futurists. But their stuff reeked of cubism. Just another way to skin the cat?

By the way, the Museum für Angewandte Kunst (applied art) in Vienna has hordes of objects very like these Czech Kubismus things. In fact, I'd be a little surprised if they weren't the same guys, or at least well acquainted.

Rufus said...

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Holly said...

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