Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wallpaper, Tigers!

Let me tell ya'- I have my finger on the pulse of high culture!
According to the great fashion magazine Lush, wallpaper is currently undergoing a revival. The minimalism that has dominated interior design for the last decade or so is becoming tired and so... minimal, and increasingly graphic designers, photographers, and artists are returning to the medium of wallpaper.
Like The Flavor League, whose Cherry Forever wallpaper pictured here is actually one of the less funky designs they sell; it also incidentally freaks me out because I was planning to put up wallpaper that would be identical to this design, but with a blue background.
Or Tracey Kendall, whose black and white printed wallpaper of common objects is both minimalist and avant garde. The perfect one for my study would be 'Stack' which is a print of a stack of books to the ceiling. As my dissertation director says, I don't file; I pile!
Or Bradbury & Bradbury Art, who Fiona tipped us off to, and whose intricate and gorgeous fine art patterns are perfect for those of us who are unreconstructed Modernists.
Or Naked and Angry- I'm not really that thrilled by the designs they're selling currently, but check out the section of designs that have been submitted by users for some real eye-popping work that might be coming out in the future.
And perhaps the coolest idea in wallpaper I've yet seen, MagScapes, a company that makes magnet-receptive wallpaper, so that you can cover your entire wall in magnets! If the thought of that doesn't make you a bit giddy, I don't know what will.

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