Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Church of Cosa Nostra

Muslim radicals should give up on the use of threats and violence- all they seem to have accomplished is getting a few cartoons pulled. Christian radicals, on the other hand, have stuck to getting their people elected to office so that they can force the nation's institutions to better reflect their narrow interpretation of reality.

In this vein, there are few things that are more 'radical' than House Bill 3678, the ''Religious Viewpoint Anti-Discrimination Act''. Signed into law in Texas by Governor Rick Perry, the law would allow public school students to answer any questions they like in accordance with their ''religious views'' without fear of being told that they're incorrect. Don't believe that the Founding Fathers supported the separation of Church and state? Don't worry- if your history teacher disagrees with you, we'll get the bastard fired! Convinced that the earth is a few thousand years old? Your geology teacher will have no choice but to agree with you now. Don't like hearing that the Greeks were okay with homosexuality? (One that has particularly upset the stupids at our university) Now you won't have to! And the mere fact that there are no experiments whatsoever that could be replicated in a laboratory to support your church's theory of ''creation'' is no reason for a biology teacher to object to it. At least, not if he likes his job.

Religions are a bit like gangs, aren't they? If they can't convince other people, they cow them into submission.


Hiromi said...

That's precisely why I'm trying to get the hell out of here.

Rufus said...

I sometimes wonder that when I read these stories about Texas- does Hiromi long to escape?